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Why I Love Black History Month–and How To Do It Better

Featured on the Huffington Post What I learned from listening is that for most of them there was no real teaching or learning that goes on and certainly nothing with any depth or substance. Some had learned about famous black individuals or about black inventors, although most couldn't recall half of what they heard. Some


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Ashley Blanco’s Journey as an Author

Ashley Blanco is inspiring people wherever she goes with her new book, Liberated Through the Love of Christ.  She is an Alive & Free alum who graduated with from Brown University with her Masters in Urban Education. Ashley Blanco’s faith in Jesus Christ and her love for people fuels her activity in the church and


Solving Community Violence

Featured on KCBS In Depth: Solving Community Violence: This week, KCBS' Jane McMillan speaks with Dr. Joseph Marshall, Founder and Executive Director of Alive And Free - Omega Boys Club; a San Francisco program which, for nearly 30 years, has offered what Dr. Marshall calls a prescription to cure violence and save at-risk kids from incarceration


Everyday Heroes Prevent Relationship Violence

Andre Aikins was selected to receive the "Men of Merit" award which honors men who are making a difference in our community. The "Men of Merit" celebration is a component of the DELTA Project's program "Everyday Heroes Prevent Relationship Violence".  The program's message is that violence does not equal strength.  Men of Merit celebrates dynamic


Guns, Guns, Guns—Everybody’s got a gun!

Guns are in the news again.  The recent mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon thrust the issue of guns squarely back in the public eye.  Guns are once again front and center—as they were  after the Newtown school shooting  three years ago and both gun control and gun rights advocates are once again