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Community Violence or Police Violence—It’s Not a Contest.  It’s all bad.

There,  I’ve said it.  I guess I don’t have to write this commentary now because the headline says it all.  But let me explain what I mean.  You see I get really perplexed when I see or hear statements saying one is more of a problem than the other, or one is more important to


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Alive and Free Saluted by San Francisco Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors of the City and County San of Francisco has officially extended its highest commendation and appreciation to Alive & Free / Omega Boys Club on the occasion of its 200th college graduate!  This Certificate of Honor congratulates Alive & Free: “For its pioneering work in curtailing youth violence and for providing


Alive & Free Ends Violence: Cultivates 200 College Graduates

Everyone deserves a fair and equal chance at an education and a career of his or her dreams--but how do you stay focused on school when your classmates are pressuring you to sell and do drugs, carry a gun, or join a gang? Or when you step out into your community and all you see


Clarence B. Jones Praises Alive & Free

Against the cacophony of domestic and international news about the recent Iran Nuclear weapons agreement; the financial "bailout" of Greece; NASA's unprecedented photos of the planet Pluto; the travels and speeches of Pope Francis; the continuing fight against ISIS; Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and other Republican and Democratic presidential contenders; the Confederate flag in Charleston,


Not For Sale

Not For Sale Street Soldiers Radio Sunday's at 8pm on 106.1 KMEL    Watch the first part of the Human Trafficking series on the Street Soldiers Radio Vimeo channel. Darian Eastmon, Alive & Free alumni and Venus Rodriquez of Not For Sale, an organization that protects people and communities around the world from human trafficking and modern-day slavery, discuss