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Leadership Academy Starts Sept. 13, 2016

  We believe in your future and want to guide you through life's difficulties.  The Leadership Academy works on verbal, research, and writing skills as well as math, literacy and life skill lessons.  We help to keep our community Alive & Free...and Educated and want to help you next! Class starts Sept. 13,  5:30pm-10pm.


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Leadership Academy

Verbal, research, and writing skills. Math, literacy, and life skill lessons. Alive & Free...and Educated!


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Elders & More!

We start off our show with a tribute to our admired elder, Dr. Mallory, who passed this week at the age of 93.  Ms. Estell says "Elders are a treasure," and you'll learn why. Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49er's refused to stand during the national anthem during a pre-season game.  He explains "There


Alive & Free Street Soldiers Town Hall

How can we make police and community relations better? We dive into this topic on Street Soldiers Radio Sunday night during a LIVE town hall discussion including the following panelists:  Allwyn Brown, Chief of Police Richmond Capt. Ersie Joyner, Oakland PD Jennifer Tejada, Chief of Police Emeryville Toney Chaplin, Interim Chief of Police San Francisco Over


The Olympic Spirit

Have you been keeping up with the Olympics this year?  We've found them encouraging, inspiring, and motivating to keep doing our best. We want to know how the Olympic spirit has affected you.


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